Anissa Morgan

A Summa Cum Laude graduate from Chapman University’s Masters of Fine Arts (MFA) screenwriting program, Anissa Morgan is a writer with depth and cinematic vision.  Anissa also holds two Bachelor of Arts degrees (in Media Studies and Communication Studies) from the University of North Carolina at Greensboro.  Anissa is a passionate young woman dedicated to channeling her youthful exuberance, unbridled energy, creative optimism and diverse perspective through the myriad of professional funnels which she encounters.  In addition, Anissa engages in continuous learning by taking every possible opportunity to sharpen her skillset to catapult herself to a higher goal and purpose.  Throughout her academic and personal life, Anissa has gained a diverse array of work experiences; all designed to round her out as an individual and sharpen her insight, knowledge and appreciation for the industry.

Her own experiences as an African American woman tremendously impacts her writing while stopping short of overtaking it - thus allowing her to be extremely versatile.  Her character development, insightful dialogue and powerful story arc have resulted in her being represented by both a professional manager and a seasoned literary agent at the Gersh Agency in Los Angeles, California.

My Passion

Throughout her burgeoning career, Anissa continues to garner the attention of industry professionals.  In all that she does, Anissa brings hard work, discipline and a healthy dose of respect for the foundational tenets of the film industry. Anissa is therefore never timid to test both creative boundaries as well as to create original and professional content which remains true to her industry compass.  

She was recently a consultant on a major feature film.  Anissa’s major goal is to be a working writer in the film and television industry and to someday become the showrunner of her own television series.  In doing so, Anissa intends to write content that breeds hope, inspiration and a message of love.  Anissa is a faith-based drama writer who loves to tackle high concept ideas and make them relevant for today’s industry.  

Her Christian faith heavily influences her work; as she primarily desires to write content that is in line with her integral mindset.  

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